25th Annual Central VNA Hospice Tree of Memories

Commitment, caring, and community is part of the hospice philosophy. If a friend or a loved one has ever benefited from hospice then you already understand that it is a special kind of care, unlike any other. The hospice philosophy recognizes that dying is a part of living and focuses on enhancing the quality of remaining life. Families discover that though sorrow lingers… love is stronger.

The Hospice Tree of Memories is one of the most meaningful and poignant events of the holiday season. Because of the pandemic, this year it will have a different look. On Saturday, December 12th, our 25th annual ceremonial service will offer everyone an opportunity to share a loss and even shed a few tears in remembrance through a virtual online celebration. 

The Tree of Memories is a time when we pause to honor those we have lost whether hospice was part of their final days or not. By placing an inscribed porcelain dove… a symbol of serenity, peace and tranquility… on one of four lighted trees, we accomplish this tribute. As in previous years, we will once again be offering those doves but in order to prevent large gatherings, our hospice advisory committee members will hang your dove on the tree for you. You may, of course, visit your Tree of Memories afterwards to see your dove at one of the following locations:

• Huggins Hospital Main Entrance
• Wakefield Town Hall
• Moulton Farm, Meredith
• Pearson Road Community & Senior Center, Alton

In Memoriam

Gerard Bennett

Parker Marie Baldwin

Joseph Bernardini

Karen Bubar

Andrew Carnegie

Patrick Cullinan

Charlie Currier

Charles Edgar Fogg

Johnnie Gallo

Robert Libby Green

Brad Hayes


Stephen Ketchum

Nancy Lavertue

Norman Lavertue

Bob Litwin

Bryan Lyons



Frederick Raban

Marc Sanford

Edna and James Wilson

Wanda Harris

Daniel Hoik

Keith Wayne Mardis

Donald F. McDowell

Margaret E. McDowell

Donald Palmer

Joe & Roger Palmer

Sharon Pare

Abigail Grace Paul

George Sargent

Rita Sargent

Sherman Travis

Phil Wasmuth

Roger K. Moores

Sindney L. Butler

Mary L. Butler

John Carlson

Beulah Carlson

Ronald Murray

Richard Murray

Harold Murray Sr

Paul Richardson

Lori Sandhage

Elke Urell

Ann and Jim Clancy

Fred Raben

Francis Mee

Michael Anthony Trevisone

Rita Coakly

Lorna Mowatt

Arthur Mowatt Jr

Harry Winslow

Abbie Winslow

Fred Bowman

Peg Bowman

Kevin D. Clark

Ronald DiPerri

Robert Gourgue

Gwen Higgins

Betty Huntington

Fred W. Kunz Sr

Raymond Kunz

Roger A. Lawrence

Gina Morrill

Robert Porter

Margie Ridlon

Judy Chase

Anna Coates

Norman Coates

David Edelstein

Susan Edelstein

Mary Evelyn Weber

Freddy 2020

Bernice Lord

Ryan J. McGillicuddy

Jim Mooney

Arthur Mowatt Jr

Lorna Mowatt

Richard Saimond

Paul Schlaline

Helen Sherkanowski

Aline I. Sirois

Dennis A. Sirois

Peter Truberg

Lucy L. VIles

Ronald Weber

Abbie Winslow

Harry Winslow

Gerard Bennett

Jim Brown

Alice H. Burnham

David W. Burnham

Ann and Jim Clancy

Rita Coakly

Marcia Hosdson

Marilyn Hovey

Anita M. Huckins

Thomas L. Kaczynski

Loved Ones of D&G

Francis Mee

Charles T. Patriquin

David Pickhardt

Tom Pickhardt

Fred Raben

Amy Schweitzer

Lily Moon Schweitzer

Michael Anthony Trevisone

Tom Tucker

Douglas Edward Baylis

Gail Blackinton

Elsie A Bly

Rufus W. Bly

Janie Boutin

Michelle Brousseau

Laura Caesar

Peter Calligandes

Del Clark

Dianne Clatur

George & Judy Cole

Sam & Louise Cole

Sandy & John Cole

Jane Conant (Mum)

Roger Conant (Dad)

R. Elton Copp JR

Dennis Davey

Judd Deboer

Doc & Dot Denby

Bob Dudley

Tina Dudley

Arthur Duffy

Glemma Edwards

Jocelyn Young Fenton

Anne Freiermuth

Lillian B. Gattermann

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hank & Betsy Gottfried

George Greer

Dick Griffin

Ellie Griffin

Candace Anita Hale

Tad Hale

Howard Rogers Hardy

Amanda Simpson Hoitt

Cliff & Mary Holmquist

Leslie Hosley

Agnes Ide

Robert Harold Kean

Bob & Fran Kiely

Rick Kiely

James F. & Louise L. Koch

Leo J. Lampron

Donna Lydon

Virginia “Ginny” Lyon

Catherine Manganiello

Arthur Masse

Estelle Masse

Ron Masse

Ronnie Millen

Robert Miller


Bill Morse

Amy Muir

E. Roger Muir

Mary O’Dowd

Mary Lou O’Rourke

Marie & Jan Ouhrabka

Olga Perry

Slim & Gladys Raza

Robert Richardson

Margaret & Donald Roe

Fred Roth

Gladys Roth

Thomas Short

Raymond F. Smith JR

Sandy Smith

Sandy Spurr

Wilbur Spurr

Edward F. Sutherland

Grace Tammaro

William S. & June L. Taylor

Roger Tuthill

Owen Walker

Chad Warren

Elsie M. Watson

Dad Wentworth

Earl R. Wentworth

Ginny K. Wentworth

Mom Wentworth

Russell F. Whiting Sr

Beah Wing

Roger Wing

Wayman Wing

Byron Wyche

Amy Burke

Amy Annis Colby

Howard & Ruth Latham

William J. Lionetta Sr

Patricia Jenkins Bird (Trink)

Allen Duggan

Elaine Evain

Carol Gilson

Mary Knox

Claire Ludlow

Eugene Leon Manville

Priscilla Collins Manville

Fumiko Montgomery

Lorrainne Eckert

Jo Hart

Brad Hayes

John R. Knight

Nancy & Bud Lacey

Gary Marsha

Tim Merrill

Donnalee Wilson

Priscilla Almquist

Jesslyn B. Bartlett

Ronald Bartlett

Arthur Bergmann

John Berry

Patty Booth

Jean & Bob Buell

Roy E. Campbell

Terry Campbell

George Casebolt

Margaret Casebolt

Nancy G. Chase

Hal Christopher

Kevin Christopher

Patrick Cullinan

Howard Donahue

Robert Donahue

Michele Dudash

Mark Durgin

Annotte Durkee

Forrest Durkee

Judson Edwards

Douglas A. Evans

Frances E. Finigan


Bill Haley

Frances Haley

Larry “Hoss” Hamm

James Hanley

Amanda Simpson Hoitt

Doris Houlden

Judy Jaworek

Arthur J. Kennedy

Evelyn L. Kennedy

Joseph Kersaint

Ann Leroux

David L. Lobdell

Frances Madden

Judy Madden

Lynne Maddix


Dexter H. Marsh Jr.

Frances McDowell

Robert S. McDowell

Kathy Merando

Ann Moulton

Arthur Moulton (Skip)

Bob Richardson

Tom Sackos

George Sargent

Rita Sargent

Edwin H. Setterlund

Ruth L. Setterlund

Edwin K. Simpson

Robert Smith

Alice Stedman

Fuad Sufat

Warren Thompson

Peter C. Tingley

Mary K. Valley

Anne W. Vinnicombe

Patricia Vinnicombe

Phil Wasmuth

Raymond H. Watkins Jr.

Alex White

Betty Withington

Robert Withington

Edward Zarzycki

Joe Zarzycki

Kathleen Zarzycki

Patricia Jenkins Bird

Skip Garabrant

Avis Miner

John Peavey (Grampa)

John Peavey (Dad)

Maddie Peavey (Gramma)

Maddie Peavey (Mom)

Jospeh Bernardino

Gary Bisson

Dru Dekeon

Pam Frazier

Robert Heinlein

Stephen Ketchum

Janet Meagher

Rod Monnat

Dave Skelly

Barry Spitz

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Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice continues to serve patients and will plan to do so into the foreseeable future.

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Tree of Memories