“The girls were all so kind and thoughtful. I always felt more optimistic after their visits.”
- Janice M. Cole
We Walked for Breast Cancer

Central VNA is well known for the care it gives to patients in all stages of life.  Particulary in our Hospice Program, we see a lot of men and women, and sadly even children, with cancer.  


Yes, we provide treatment and some folks do achieve remission.  But we also want to sound the alarm about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.  Over the months of September and October, staff raised over $650.  And on October 21, despite the very chilly temperatures, they took to the streets - proudly in pink.


Central VNA staff really cares.  It shows every day in our patient care, and in ways not always seen, like particupating in community events like this one.  Go Central!!