Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurses are committed to collaborating with you, your caregivers and your physician to provide skilled nursing services in your home.

Our nursing staff specialize in disease management, medication review, wound care and IV therapy.

Learn more about disease management
  • Managing a disease such as diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, arthritis, or a neurological condition can be challenging, frustrating and exhausting.
  • Central’s skilled nurses partner with our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical social workers and aim to improve your quality of life and reduce your health care costs by reducing re-hospitalizations.
  • Education of your disease and its progression will provide you the tools to understand how your specific illness may affect you uniquely.  We can guide you on signs, symptoms, and ways to reduce pain and improve mobility. Nutrition and accurate medication dosing play a key role in how you feel and how well your symptoms are controlled.
Learn more about medication review
  • Medications can be prescribed by your physician, a specialist, after an emergency room visit, and even when sent home after a hospital stay. Our nursing staff can help take the mystery out the many medications you may have.


  • We can help you by reviewing all medications you have been prescribed. We will review them with you and help you organize them ensuring your taking the proper dosage, at the proper times. We can review your medications and contact your physician for you if we find that two medications are interacting negatively together. We can also educate you if known food items may cause adverse reactions or prohibit the medication from doing its best.
Learn more about wound care
  • Wounds can be present for home health care patients due to surgery. The surgical wound is what most patients think of; staple removal and infection control. Wounds can also become present for people living at home after suffering from surgery, an illness, or accident while their mobility is initially limited. Bedsores and ulcers develop from decreased circulation. Not only are wounds uncomfortable and often difficult to reach on your own, severe untreated wounds can lead to loss of limb or to life. 
  • Central’s staff are committed to knowing the most recent techniques that have proven to be successful in healing both routine and complex wounds.
Learn more about IV therapy

Certified in IV therapy for patients with indwelling lines or ports, our skilled nurses can deliver medicine, such as antibiotics, to you in the comfort of your home. A combination of medical expertise and today’s technology have changed the way our patients receive this specialty service. Please inquire if we can administer your medication or chemotherapy.

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Laconia: (603) 524.8444  |  Wolfeboro: (603) 569.2729

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